Morning specials

Good morning Saloniki – Freshly baked puff pastry filled with Israeli cheese
served with spicy olives, green Tahini, pickles, roasted eggplant, hardboiled-egg, chopped salad and a hot coffee / freshly squeezed fruit juice
Croque Madame
two eggs sunny side up, on a bed of French toast with Gouda cheese, fresh spinach and stir fried mushrooms with garlic butter and parmesan. Served with a green salad, a hot coffee /freshly squeezed juice. (Extra of smoked salmon – 8 NIS)
Eggs in the nest
two Portobello mushrooms filled with goat cheese, soft boiled-egg, pesto and parmesan, on a bed of roasted bread, crispy sweet potato and a touch of cream. Served with a green salad and a hot coffee/ freshly squeezed juice

Morning in Denya - Breakfast served until 13:00

Fresh Baked Pastries
Cheese Danish / Cinnamon Danish/Almond croissant / Chocolate croissant, Butter croissant – served with homemade jam and butter
a hot beverage and a pastry of your choice
Light Breakfast
Hot beverage/freshly squeezed juice with a small sandwich of your choice. Omelet \ Tuna \ Salmon
Denya morning
Two eggs of your choice, freshly baked bread, sweet pastry, fresh salad and a tray of spreads which include: cream cheese, Mexican guacamole, Bulgarian cheese, tuna salad, spicy olives, Labaneh cheese and homemade jam. All served with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. Single/Double
Premium double breakfast
Two eggs of your choice with all the toppings, a hot focaccia, fresh salad, muesli and a tray of spreads which include: smoked salmon, cream cheese, Labaneh, Mexican guacamole, Bulgarian cheese, tuna salad, green tahini, sundried tomatoes , spicy olives and homemade jam. Served with freshly squeezed juice and large coffee. For dessert a Belgian waffle
Denya’s Muesli
Low fat natural yogurt (4%), fresh fruit, date honey, granola and pure tahini